About the Hostel Hopper

Hey there. I’m a 22 year old Singaporean¬†enthusiastically living and hopping in between hostels for the thrill and joy of it.

It was initially an arrange based upon social and financial circumstance, but incidentally, I began to fancy the many quirks that hostel hopping provides. Imagine being able to live wherever you please, as and when you could plan so. Housing and rent prices in Singapore are skyrocket high, and I figured to “cheat” my way into living within the city at budget prices with this venture.

While quite frequently I share my experiences at hostels with my own friends, I never had a reliable platform where I could document said experiences. At the recommendation of a friend, I began this blog to do just that!

My Interests

My fancy for hostels most likely roots from my love for interesting interior spaces. I enjoy cafe hopping and visiting new places while having good conversations over a meal. Occasionally, it is handy to have a pen or pencil and a piece of paper to illustrate the spaces I visit.

I also take interest in moral and political philosophy, and economics, although I do not formally educate myself in these fields. Nonetheless, my ears are always open to new ideas to help me see the world in different shades.